Affiliate Application


NARPM® is an association designed for real estate professionals who know first-hand the unique challenges of managing single –family and small residential properties. Nevada Chapter of NARPM® offers an effective, professional learning environment for owners of property management companies, property managers and their office staff.

To become a Chapter Affiliate Member:
  • Complete and submit the online application
  • Pay application fee per program tier level chosen
  • Include information about how your experience, product or service relate to the property management industry
  • Provide all city, county & state licenses
  • Provide contractor license for companies that are required to have.
  • Provide copies of liabilities and workman comp insurance policies
  • Provide additional information, upon request, by the Board of Directors
Please email any licenses, documents required to after you have made your payment.

Acceptance as a Nevada Chapter of NARPM® Affiliate Member is based on the same guidelines as for a regular member, except that Affiliate Members need not be real estate licensees. Although this is a non-voting membership of the association, they can serve in advisory positions to the Board of Directors, to Chairpersons of Committees, and can serve as Committee Members. Affiliates are valuable assets to NARPM® and the residential property management industry.

Titanium Level $1,000

You get everything below plus you can sponsor two events where you can talk 10 minutes before, or have the event be about you or your product.


Platinum Level $795

You get everything below plus you get to speak at our events for 5 minutes about your services or product.

Diamond $495

You get everything below plus you will be listed on our chapter website and your information will be given to our members at our meetings and any vendor directories we provide.

Gold $395

Nevada and National affiliate Membership Only. National vendor’s, that provide products and services to the property management industry, will have the opportunity to join as a National Affiliate Member, while at the same time becoming a Nevada chapter affiliate member.



Exposure – As a NARPM® National Affiliate, you will be exposed to a growing professional association of real estate and property management professionals that manage hundreds of thousands of single family homes and small apartment complexes nationwide – well over $20 billion worth of real estate Real estate.

Experience – The average NARPM® member has 17 years experience in the real estate industry and more than 13 years experience in property management, therefore, you will be connecting with the industry’s leaders.

Members – The average member has belonged to the Association over five years and attends an average of two-and-a-half national events, where they can view Affiliate Member products.

Property Managers – Over seventy-six percent of the NARPM® members own a partial or full interest in their company and they are property managers who can make decisions on what products and services to use.

Networking – Networking with Knowledgeable property management professional in the Greater Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.

Meetings – Participation in chapter meeting and events Opportunity to assist Southern Nevada Chapter of NARPM® as a Committee Member.

Referrals – Referral benefits from Nevada Chapter of NARPM® members who use your product or service.

Social Media – Your website recognition on Social Media when you join and if you an event sponsor.

Advertising Opportunities – Exhibit at NARPM® Trade Shows, advertise directly to your optimum target market and become a resource to the entire Professional membership for products and services.


As defined in this code, NARPM® member is any classification of membership within the organization.
Article 1
The Affiliate Member (Affiliate) shall provide equal professional service to any NARPM® Member (Member) or other person regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, creed, marital status, sexual orientation, status with regard to public assistance or handicap, whether physical or mental. I understand further that local ordinances may include other protected classes.
Article 2
The Affiliate shall be informed and do business in accordance with laws, governmental regulations, licensing requirements, and public policies in the field in which the Affiliate customarily engages.
Article 3
The Affiliate shall provide a level of competent service in keeping with the standards of practice in the field in which the Affiliate customarily engages.
Article 4
The Affiliate shall promote business in a positive and professional manner based on individual merit and those of the Affiliate Company. Affiliates are required to use professional courtesy and consideration at all NARPM® events and refrain from undesirable activities. Undesirable activities by non-sponsoring Affiliates at NARPM® events where paid Affiliate sponsors are in attendance include, but are not limited to, attendance, actively marketing their business, distributing marketing materials or business cards, holding offsite events, or making negative remarks about sponsoring Affiliates.
Article 5
The Affiliate shall not disparage competitors in an attempt to gain business. The Affiliate shall not attempt to gain any unfair advantage over competitors by knowingly or recklessly making false or misleading statements about competitors or NARPM® Members.
Article 6
The Affiliate shall interact with all Affiliate Members within the guidelines of this Code of Conduct.
Article 7
The Affiliate shall not undertake activities that compromise or interfere with the contractual business relationship NARPM® Members have with their customers and clients.
Article 8
Affiliate Members will aspire to follow the rules and regulations contained in the Code of Ethics of the NARPM®. This would include cooperation in any disciplinary proceedings or investigations conducted by the NARPM® leadership.
Article 9
The Affiliate shall fully comply with RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act), as well as the Affiliate’s own industry standards, when money or any item of monetary value is paid by the Affiliate to a Member in return for business, referrals, or preferred vendors status.
Please agree to the Code of Conduct on the Application Form.  View Code of Conduct PDF